Dehydration Treatment Provided Promptly by the Attentive Team at AtlantiCare Urgent Care in Clementon, NJ

Dehydration Treatment Clementon NJIf you require professional dehydration treatment, the board-certified providers at AtlantiCare Urgent Care can help. We have a walk-in clinic conveniently located in Clementon, New Jersey, and no appointments are ever necessary to receive care. Plus, since we offer night and weekend availability, we can treat you even if it’s outside normal business hours.

Mild dehydration is a condition that can be treated at home, using specific over-the-counter remedies, such as:

  • Resting in a cool, dark place
  • Drinking fluids, especially sports drinks
  • Eating potassium-rich foods such as bananas, as well as fruits like cantaloupe or strawberries that have a high water content

If, however, you are experiencing moderate to severe dehydration, you can come to AtlantiCare in Clementon, NJ, for prompt medical attention. The treatment method we use for our dehydration patients is intravenous (IV) fluids. We include fluids that contain necessary electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, which will help to replenish and revitalize your body and help it recover, no matter if you’re dehydrated because of illness or spending too much time in the sun.

You can trust AtlantiCare for dehydration treatment because we are a Certified Urgent Care Center through the Urgent Care Center Association of America. We also consistently receive high customer service scores, due to the compassionate care we provide for our patients. You can expect to receive the best possible treatment from our team.

Visit AtlantiCare Urgent Care in Clementon, NJ, when you need dehydration treatment. We treat patients of all ages and accept most major insurance plans.