Lab Tests Performed without an Appointment near Mays Landing, NJ

Lab Tests Mays Landing NJYou can visit AtlantiCare Urgent Care when you need to have lab tests administered. We have walk in clinics located near the Mays Landing, New Jersey, area that are staffed with board-certified providers who can see you without an appointment. We offer lab testing for patients who require a routine checkup, want to manage their medical care, or need to confirm a diagnosis. And, since our urgent care facilities are open at night and on the weekends, we can see you at a time that works best for your busy schedule.

As a full-service urgent care center, we can administer a wide range of lab tests, including:

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Blood glucose tests
  • Basic metabolic panels
  • Urinalysis
  • Mono tests
  • Strep tests
  • And others

In addition to lab tests, we can provide numerous other urgent care services at our walk in clinics near Mays Landing, NJ. For example, we can provide sutures, stitches, and splints, as well as onsite X-rays and EKGs. And, to make your time in our facility incredibly expedient, we have onsite prescription dispensers that house a number of medication\s. So, if one of the prescriptions you need is available through our dispenser, you can pick it up right in our facility, allowing you to skip that extra visit to your pharmacy.

When you need lab tests professionally administered by a board-certified provider, visit AtlantiCare Urgent Care. To find out which of our clinics is located nearest to you in the Mays Landing, NJ, area, contact us today at (609) 407-CARE.