Splinter Removal Performed at AtlantiCare Urgent Care in Somers Point, NJ

Splinter Removal Somers Point NJWhen you need professional splinter removal in the Somers Point, New Jersey, area, you can come right to AtlantiCare Urgent Care. We’ll see you without an appointment and since we have night and weekend availability, we can also treat you outside of normal business hours. All in all, we’re the convenient option when you need a splinter removed quickly from a medical professional.

In the majority of cases, removal of a splinter can be taken care of at home. Simply use a pair of tweezers and grip the end of the splinter that is poking out of the skin to pull it out. Sometimes, however, a splinter cannot be removed at home and that’s when you should come to AtlantiCare in Somers Point, NJ, for treatment. Patients who need splinter removal come to us when:

  • The splinter is infected and there is swelling, discharge, or redness around the site.
  • The splinter is embedded underneath a toenail or fingernail.
  • The splinter is completely lodged underneath the skin and too deeply embedded to remove.

When you come to our urgent care facility to have your splinter removed, you’ll be seen by a board-certified provider who will offer individualized, compassionate care. This professional may prescribe antibiotics – especially if the splinter is infected – and since we have an on-site prescription dispenser, you may be able to pick up the medication right in our facility for the ultimate in convenience.

AtlantiCare Urgent Care is the walk in clinic to come to in Somers Point, NJ, if you need splinter removal services. You can also contact us at (609) 407-CARE to learn more about the conditions we treat.