For Sprained Ankle Treatment in Marmora, NJ, Turn to AtlantiCare Urgent Care

Sprained Ankle Treatment Marmora NJThere are many treatment options for a sprained ankle, and you can trust the board-certified providers at AtlantiCare Urgent Care in Marmora, New Jersey, to help you navigate these choices. Sprained ankles should be treated by medical professionals because they are able to determine the severity of the injury and can recommend the best treatment avenues to help patients feel better fast. At AtlantiCare, we’ll provide the compassionate care you seek for your sprained ankle and get you on the road to recovery.

A sprained ankle occurs when the ankle joint is forced out of its normal position due to the foot suddenly twisting or rolling. It can happen during an athletic activity or simply stepping wrong while walking your dog. When it happens, one or more of the ligaments that surround the ankle are stretched or torn, resulting in bruising, swelling, and pain. In some cases, even putting weight on the ankle is unbearable.

When you come to AtlantiCare to receive treatment for your sprained ankle in Marmora, NJ, one of our providers will perform a physical examination to determine your range of motion, and then may order an imaging test, such as an X-ray, to rule out a bone fracture. Some common treatment options include:

  • Elevating the affected foot using pillows while sleeping or relaxing
  • Taking medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen to help with the pain and swelling
  • Wrapping the ankle in elastic bandages or bracing it with a splint
  • Keeping weight off the ankle, which sometimes requires the use of crutches

Visit AtlantiCare Urgent Care in Marmora, NJ, if you need sprained ankle treatment. We are open seven days a week and do not require appointments to receive prompt care.